A brand designed to surprise. To be worn with a touch of Italian elegance and with an unencumbered mind. Each drawing comes alive with the addition of color.

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About me


My name is Elenita, from Rome, Italy

I am an artful artisan, a versatile, instinctive and imaginative young woman. I love to shape and reshape the planet on which we stand in unusual ways that mix shapes, colors and different materials, with a desire to surprise the viewer beyond conventions.

I like to draw, mold, saw, knit and embroider. I have always been a lover of fashion and unusual elegance. I would never be able to follow a daily work routine and repeat the same gestures day after day. My pieces are original and unique, much as women are each equally unique and different.

I believe that originality is the main spice of life!

That is why I am always looking for new ideas and ways for my work to stand out, I want to make women feel themselves like special works of art. This is my passion and it inspires me to create unique jewelry and accessories. I am constantly improving my skills and techniques to make my creations as perfect as possible, and fitting every female body. I also make them affordable to my passionate and enthusiastic public. Actually, I use all kinds of materials, i.e. stones natural pearls, synthetic resin, leather in rich colors, white and light metal, ropes, and so on...

An unconventional mind coupled with capable hands can create surprising works of art. My principal goal is to share my own crazy passion with people all around the world.

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